Sunday, June 3, 2012

I’m in the process of designing some props and costumes (and maybe some scenery?) for a version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in the Victorian Era. This isn’t actually for anything,  although I wish someone would make a version of Macbeth set in the 1870’s.
I feel like Lady Macbeth would have some pretty menacing home furnishings, the kind of chairs that would scare you when you were little, and that nobody really wants to take home after the funeral.

I had a hell of a time making teapots look anything other than fat and cheery. These are still sort of happy I suppose, or maybe that’s jut my teapot affinity. ‘Ponderous’ wasn’t working out, since things that are squat and bottom-heavy just look cute, so I modeled these after funeral urns instead.

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