Friday, January 11, 2013

 This is, sadly, pretty much the only labour-intensive thing I did over the break. I always start breaks meaning to catch up on all the art I wasn't doing during the semester, but once again, it didn't really happen. Nonetheless, I did manage a few things, this among them.

This girl will (hopefully) one day be part of a comic that a friend and I have been planning.  I've named her Rakshasamardini, an Indian name meaning 'destroyer of demons' (according to the internet at least, so who really knows?), a meaning which will come into play later in the story.  She goes by Raksha for short, since that's a terribly long name. If the comic never gets off the ground it may end up just being a series of illustrations.
It looks like she's on the run here. Time to get out of town. Her days as a messenger here are apparently over, so it's off to the harbor and onto a ship.

I'm also pretty fond of the background details here, so bear with me and look at the uncharacteristically bright colors!

And this cute girl with her dog!

Also, reference credit for the background goes to peteshep from Flickr.

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