Monday, September 16, 2013

It's been awhile since I updated this blog! I'm much better at keeping my Tumblr page up to date. Additionally, I've made a facebook page since that seems to be a pretty good way to reach people.

I have some exciting stuff coming up for the rest of the year! First, I had my first art show/sale at Spider House last Saturday! My partner in crime Katie Cowden and I shared a booth and sold cards, prints, and her fantastic laser cut jewelry.

Here's Katie, feeling fabulous behind our booth:

Needless to say, I learned a lot about art shows. Aside from this one, I'd done one other art show at a small local gallery, and the anonymity that came with that show made it so much different from this one. Everything was hanging on walls with only a little number next to frames to identify the artist on a list, so it was much less about the artist and much more about the art.

This required me to sit right behind the things I was asking people to pay for, which was pretty nerve wracking.

It was a great learning experience though. I learned a lot about the importance of display, especially after Katie showed up with so many cool little table decorations and clever displays. I also learned that you have to be more aggressive with business cards, because only a handful of people took cards, and most of the time because I told them to take one.

I have a lot more ideas now based on what I saw people selling and what I noticed that no one had, so I'm ready to start working on things for the next show! Classes are getting in the way as usual, but I'll find some time.

The next thing I'm doing, for anyone who lives in Austin, is EAST, the East Austin Studio Tour. I went around a bunch of studios last year and it was pretty amazing. That's coming up in November, so I better get busy!

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